Cinema Al Bahja


Join us for a unique experience of social encounters, adventures and discoveries where films come to life. Fueled by a desire to fill the void left by an over-saturated technological world, we offer every movie lover this unique opportunity to meet his peer.


Launched in 2013, Cinema Al Bahja has taken the alternative art and culture scene in Haifa by storm. It started as weekly screenings at artist Rabia Salfiti’s apartment, where home cooked meals and wine were served along with carefully selected movie screenings followed by an eye opening discussion. Friends and movie enthusiasts will gather every week to share and discuss their passion on video art, movies and documentaries.  From grassroots film screenings, Cinema Al Bahja moved to its new home in Manjm.

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Each second month a curator selects a theme and picks 8 movies to be screened, at the end of each theme an art performance or an art installation will close the episode. We aim to create participatory worlds where the boundaries between the performer and audience, set and reality are constantly shifting.

We have weekly screenings of feature movies, video art, short films, documentaries, and other relevant material. The aim is to give a podium for exhibiting video production from Palestine, the Arab world and other foreigner creations which are not exhibited in familiar cultural-exhibiting structures in Haifa.

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Screenings are followed by open discussions, a window through which moving-visual materials can be publicly discussed and studied.