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Insiyab: a Musical Gypsy Trip

  • Manjm 1 Ha-Katar Street Haifa, Haifa District (map)

A fusion of Gipsy Italian music, Latin and Arabic music!

Behind every solo performance there is a story to tell!
This upcoming Gypsy Experimental Musical Journey is travelling all the way down from the south of Italy up to Palestine, to reveal us a story that stands behind a two Italian polyinstumentalist fabulous artists and their encounter with a one virtuous artist from Palestine. 

Insiyab Manjm Music Haifa

Their contrastive music and ways to communicate either personally or together, will introduce us to many lyrical and musical languages from Balkan to Roman music and from Southern Italian to Arabic music

Insiyab would proudly introduce you to: 

*Gaia Mobilij - Italian Singer & accordionist,with a Gipsy show

**Saeed Tarabiyi - Arab Tarab**

*** UBJK Daniele De Stasio - Experimental music with Saxophone, Italy ***

Accompanied Musicians

Nizar Jubran - Bass Guitar
Nizar Qabbani - precision
William Bilan - Drums
Ali Awidat - Violin
Israa Shalabi - Vocals
Shadi Awidat - Sound Engineering

**** DJ Sayed Rayan, Dancing World Music, Palestine ****

The event will be presented and opened with our amazing artist and actress Rebecca Telhami

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