Manjm Programmes

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Cinema Al Bahja




Saturday Markets


Secret Dinners


Exhibitions & Performances 

Soak up some culture at one of our selected exhibitions and performances 



Manjm puts high focus on performative forms of production, through solo or collective exhibitions. Part of those events will be interactive and/or followed by panel discussions. Manjm seeks also to assist and prompt producing new performative commissions meant to be displayed inside the lab or out in the public sphere.



Workshops • Lectures • Explorations of Unfamiliar Sciences



Explore the vast world of art and culture through the lens of various viewpoints in programs ranging from gallery tours to storytelling sessions, workshops, discussions and interactive experiences ... The Manjm Laboratorium features lectures, discussions, talks, symposia, films, and forums in which compelling voices explore timely issues that connect to Manjm ‘s mission and objectives.

Manjm Laboratorium of unfamiliar Sciences responds to current artistic and cultural issues in Palestine, and over the world through collaborations, exchanges, performances, professional development workshops and short-term residencies. Manjm Lab focuses on visual art, contemporary music and professional development for young arts leaders.


Saturday Market

Vintage Bazaar • Hand Mades • Art  



Get hooked on the weird when we transform our Gallery at Manjm into a Pop Up marketplace featuring some of the raddest vintage vendors and Artist/Makers from all over! Over 10 vendors will be posted up sharing all types of awesome including prints, patches, pins, vinyl records, handmade & vintage clothing, accessories, vintage home goods and barware, plus all types of random weirdness that your heart desires!

The event will often be based on conceptual ideas and other times under the general theme of “local creation”. The usual environment will contain positive vibes and often accompanied with live music performances, and home made food and beverages.
The Market's goal is to provide a space and a podium for local creators to prompt their creation, showcase them and sell them for reasonable prices.



Secret Dinners

 •••Can you keep a secret? •••

Great Gastronomy • Unconventional Experiences • Food & Art 



Secret Dinners will include varied events ranging from public interactive performances to private roundtable dinners, to underground supper parties

The focus is on different topics and questions related to environmental notions as food and culinary, language, culture and agriculture, geography and so on. We believe that culinary is a universal language for spreading de-universalised notions, and hence it is one of the methodological emphasis of Manjm.

An annual Food Market Festival by Kayan will take place at Manjm as well. Its mission is to preserve and develop the food traditions and the culture of small scale gourmet producing, to promote and preserve Palestinian food and culinary traditions, rural heritage, and natural environment. Bringing diverse communities of Palestine together through sharing food, and to introduce centuries old food traditions and integrate creative thinking and art performances.